Mastering the electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette is one of the most effective substitutes for initiating smoking cessation. In its most banal design, this little accessory is very similar to the real cigarette in its form and its use (the method of drawing and the gesture). However, it contains benefits that go beyond the simple imitation of smoke, in the sense that its use leads to a real discovery and very quickly becomes a passion. The current world also considers the e-cig as a technological object for geeks and very fashionable.

We meet vapers anywhere who do not seem to be harmed by consuming steam, but who on the contrary exhibit a certain pride, and this, is for good reasons: on the one hand, it is the pleasure of making the cloud without health risk and on the other hand for the very desire to discover and feel the flavours of the aromas it provides.

If you want to take advantage of this device, you will have to be aware of the sacrifices, since its mission is to make you gradually quit tobacco. Moreover, we do not regret the benefits that can be reaped from his job. In the world of medicine, the big pharmaceutical stables recommend electronic cigarettes to all those who want to quit tobacco and especially cigarettes. In addition to being a good replacement material, the accessory offers new perspectives and diverts the cerebral cortex from the need for nicotine toward other pleasures that are not harmful to health. Discovering this small world then becomes a passion that leads to new reflexes, new sensations and new pleasures.

Start with the tools you need

There are currently a wide variety of electronic cigarettes; since its first release in 2009, it has undergone a great evolution and no less than three generations have been born. The choice of a good accessory quickly becomes problematic because each type comes in several models and this does not always make it easy for new vapers.

For a quick overview, there are two main categories: e-cigs with tank or reservoir (atomizers, clearomizers) and those without (cartomizers and drippers). The big difference is that the vaping of the former translates into two stages, the liquid is contained in a special compartment and burns in another called coil; for the seconds, the two organs are homogeneous and allow faster vaporization at the expense of economy and practicality.

This variation does not exhaustively reflect the different types of electronic cigarettes since several additive parameters are present.

We can still decline the models according to the number of resistances, the autonomy of the tank, the ergonomics of the shape, but also the quality of the parts. With the evolution of technology, boxes can also benefit from an electronic management system in which the user can configure the behaviour of the resistance and the accumulator to produce a specific effect. Do-it-yourself souls are nonetheless served with the advent of reconstructable atomizers, real toys for adults passionate about discoveries.

If you are a beginner, choose models that are made for you! Manufacturers have thought of everything and offer e-cigarettes for new vapers, optimized for brain rehabilitation and practicality.

These accessories are mostly small clearomisers that adapt to the old reflexes of smokers. Handy, not taking up much space in the hand; they perfectly reproduce the ergonomics of the rods and respond very quickly to the inspiration of vapour thanks to low resistance, but not in sub-ohm. 

Which liquid to choose?

Always in the perspective of a successful initiation, the liquid must reflect the sensation of tobacco, but other alternatives are exploitable. If you like a challenge, try a new vial and a new aroma each time. The categories are very diverse, and we are not ready to have finished making the overview.

However, the abrupt change in sensation is not favourable to any beginner, the perception of this flavoured vapour can be exotic for some, but bland for others. It will also take time to get used to and tame the flavours.

To start, choose vials with nicotine dosages relative to your addiction. With the law of January 2017, the bases (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin) are no longer sold in nicotine solutions. This is not very bad news in the sense that you will have to measure the proportion of nicotine in your liquid yourself. This is the sphere of DIY, as you concoct your elixirs, new perspectives will open up and allow you to completely replace your addiction to a passion for flavours.

How do control consumption?

Although you are free to choose the proportion of nicotine you want to infuse, always retain the mission of the electronic cigarette, which serves as a replacement and weaning accessory. So, it is not advisable to switch to e-cigs if it is to stir up a new addiction. Also, the regulations introduced by the government constitute a limitation on the dosage of vials of nicotine sold in shops. This dosage is 10 ml maximum and its use requires some calculation communicated on the label (the ratio is generally between 2mg and 5 mg/ml). Apply this limitation each time you concoct a new liquid and remember that the purpose of this limitation is sanitary first.

For heavy smokers, who consume more than one pack of cigarettes per day, start with an above-average dosage (around 3mg/ml) and vape serenely with a frequency of 3 to 4 sessions per day. This frequency is perfect since the smoke (vape) diffused by the electronic cigarette is 4 times denser than that of real cigarettes. As you adapt to the new aromas, decrease the dosage of nicotine until you completely replace it.

In a general framework, vapers freed from cigarettes (since there are what are called smoker-vapers) part with their last rod from two months of use of the electronic accessory. This survey is not common to all but represents a majority of users, some are conquered from the first inhalation and decide to stop everything at the second while others end up giving up in disappointment.

The risks to expect

Let it be said, the electronic cigarette is a weaning accessory and therefore contains chemicals that can be harmful but at very low-risk rates. The liquid used to produce the aerosol can contain tobacco, nicotine, alcohol and many other alkaloids. However, the toxicity ratio is 5% while cigarettes are 900% toxic. Renting the e-cig for its neutrality is therefore not an objective, unlike its function, which proves to be very effective.

Knowing this, you will have to be aware and be very careful to dose your liquids correctly, the risk of poisoning yourself is high if the proportion of nicotine is too high. Moreover, it is useless to start vaping if it is to relapse towards the classic cigarette. Indeed, many users fall into the trap of addiction, starting with low doses and eventually going overboard. The weaning mission will thus be activated in the opposite direction, which is very unfortunate, moreover, it is strongly advised not to start using the electronic cigarette if you have never been a smoker or addicted to tobacco in one way or another. ‘another one.

Having fun with the vape

It is here that all the splendour of the electronic cigarette is felt. Aside from the main withdrawal function, an e-cig packs a lot of sensation that only long-term use can provide. That being said, it is already necessary to tame the simplest tastes from the first inhalations. For this, some techniques are to be applied.

The draw: the way you inhale the vapour from the electronic cigarette greatly influences the sensation. The draw is a technique that everyone applies naturally without being aware of it, so the new vaper inhales the vapour in the same way as he swallows the smoke of the cigarette. However, mastering this technique is more important when you want to feel the density and taste of the vape.

There are two kinds of draws: indirect inhalation which is more practised by vapers. It consists of sucking the vape from the mouthpiece and keeping it in the mouth for a moment, to be able to feel the aromas, and then inhaling it, as with cigarette stems.

Direct inhalation on the other hand is a little more complicated than the first, but on the other hand, it offers a unique experience in terms of sensation in the sense that the vape is directly sucked by the depression of the lung. This technique makes it possible to optimize the density of the cloud and consequently offers more hits.

Choose the drip tip: It is the element that connects the coil with your mouth, formerly neglected, the mouthpiece currently provides a more accentuated, thinner or more aggressive vaping experience.

The principle is simple: if you like tobacco flavours, opt for short and wide metal drip tips that quickly transmit the heat of the vape in large quantities. They apply with direct inhalation since it is the hit we are looking for. If you are more focused on taste, depth and lightness, opt for ceramic tips, long and thin. The thinness characteristic helps to cool the smoke before it reaches your mouth, and acting like a straw, indirect inhaling must be practised to savour the flavours.

Take good care of your electronic cigarette

This small device is common to all electronic consumables, it wears out over time and loses performance with use. The maintenance of the parts and the accessory, in general, must then be frequent and regular to improve this longevity, but above all not to lose the desired performance and affect the taste of the vape.

An e-cig is made up of several organs that are separable but work according to certain coordination. The wear of one of its parts leads to a malfunction of the entire system, so it is necessary to know how to maintain and clean or even replace those that are out of order.

To start, keep your equipment in a cool place at all times, away from jolts. The box of the electronic cigarette contains an energy accumulator in which chemical elements are in transition. Situations of shock or high temperatures can become factors of deterioration of the battery which risks degassing or exploding. For your safety and that of your device, never put the accessory in your pocket, especially if it is tight (jeans for example).

Then, regularly recheck the mouthpieces and fitting joints. When parts are connected incorrectly, leaks or gurgling may occur. These leaks then seek corridors that avoid vaporization and sometimes, rising liquids are directly injected into your mouth, which is very unpleasant because of its acidity.

Finally, remember to clean the dirt and the clumps of oils contained in your coil and your drip tip. Debris and dirt can stick to the wall of the inductions due to oxidation. Using a fine and absorbent fibre, sweep the drip tip with a solvent or alcohol 90, until it no longer emits a burnt smell. It is the same for the resistance, which is a little more complicated. If DIY is not yet within your reach, follow the date of first use of your coil and check that it far exceeds the average life of a standard coil which ranges from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the frequency of use.