The e-cigarette is a real alternative to the classic cigarette. In addition to preserving the health of smokers and that of their loved ones, it is much less dangerous for the environment compared to traditional cigarettes. But, its main advantage remains the possibility for its users to regulate the level of nicotine found there, and therefore lower it. It is for this reason that the vape is considered to be the best way to quit smoking. If you want to gradually reduce your nicotine dose, here’s how you should go about it.

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How to choose the right batteries for your mod

Batteries also called accumulators or more simply batteries, are like large rechargeable batteries. They allow the creation of energy, responsible for the heating of the resistance and therefore the evaporation of the e-liquid. If you buy a classic e-cigarette or a “cigalike”, the battery is pre-installed and you “don’t have to choose”. On the other hand, with an electronic mod, it is up to you to equip yourself. To make the right choices, here are our tips. 

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With a box mod, you are guaranteed comfort and exceptional vape quality. With all the models on the market, it’s hard to choose, especially when you’re just starting.

In recent times, the models have evolved a lot so that, even at the entry-level, there are reassuring boxes of very good quality. But the choice depends above all on your mode of consumption. Here are our tips for choosing the right box.

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The e-cigarette serves as a springboard for many people who want to quit smoking. But the transition is often more difficult than expected because an electronic cigarette is not a real cigarette.

Yet the effects are similar. To approach this delicate passage and quit smoking with peace of mind, we offer you some tips here. With a little psychology and a lot of common sense, your transition will be seamless.

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You are a beginner and the question torments you, how to vape well? The answer may seem quite innocuous and yet the action of vaping is significantly different from that of smoking. Here are some explanations to accompany you serenely towards the path of the vape.

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E-cigarette, 5 tips to live a happy vape

The e-cigarette is a blessing to quit smoking. At first glance a little complicated, but here are some tips to start the quest for a “happy vape” in good conditions.

Although very controversial in the media and government statements, the e-cigarette has still attracted millions of people, delighted to have succeeded in quitting tobacco without suffering. If you are tempted by the experiment, here are some basic rules that will allow you to find the “happy vape” as quickly as possible, a sine qua non-condition for completely quitting smoking.

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Why does my e-cig consume so much?

For economic, practical and even ecological reasons, it is quite normal to seek to reduce the quantity of liquid consumed. The vape is generally less expensive than the cigarette, but there is no valid reason for wasting liquid. Through this article, we will discuss the reasons for the overconsumption of e-liquid and ways to get around this problem.

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Tips for getting started

Do you want to discover the joy of quitting smoking? So we offer you some tips that will be very useful for successfully switching to vaping serenely. Remember that quitting smoking is not an easy task and it also requires willpower. Set yourself an achievable goal and anchor in your head all the benefits of quitting smoking!

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How to clean an electronic cigarette

Knowing how to clean a vaping device is important

You have just received a brand new electronic cigarette. Your eyes are wide and the excitement invades your whole body. Look at it…it’s sleek, it shines, it’s the most advanced vaping device on the market, and you feel like you’re in a new car.

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