Proper dosage of e-liquid for an e-cigarette

The e-liquid is the fuel of an electronic cigarette, it determines the taste, the power and therefore the sensation provided by it. Whether the e-liquid is purchased or prepared at home, whether it contains nicotine or not, all depends on the dosage carried out as well as the preferences of the smoker.

The e-liquid is used to release vapour from the e-cigarette under the effect of the heat produced by the resistance.

It is the perfect solution for smoking cessation, the e-liquid will serve to fill the lack of the person wishing to stop smoking, and to deliver him from his addiction little by little.

E-liquid components

The e-liquid is composed of:

Propylene glycol ;

Vegetal glycerine ;

Water ;

Alcohol ;

Food flavouring.

Nicotine is an optional component. 

The dosage of e-liquid

The nicotine level will determine several things, the stronger it is, the stronger the sensation of “hit”. The “hit” of nicotine is a throat-enhancing sensation similar to that of a normal cigarette.

People wishing to quit smoking generally start with high levels of nicotine and then gradually reduce it to be less and less dependent on it.

Nevertheless, the nicotine level does not only depend on the cravings of the smoker but also on the electronic cigarette used as well as its power. Indeed, the more powerful the e-cigarette, the more the nicotine level will have to decrease. If this factor is not taken into account, there will be a burnt taste and the electronic cigarette may be damaged.

Then there is what is called the “base” of the e-liquid, which is made up of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (GV). The two are usually dosed in a balanced way. PG is known to favour the “hit” and bring out the aromas. As for the CG, it produces more vapour.

These three components are not harmful, even if nicotine is known to be carcinogenic this is false, on the other hand, it causes addiction.

The dosage depends on the preferences of the smoker, but there are platforms designed to help dose their e-liquid. We introduce the dosage of an element or two and then we obtain the dosage that is necessary for the rest of the components.

E-liquid flavours

There are several flavours of e-liquid, and we will name the main ones.

The mint flavour is perfect for smokers of menthol cigarettes, the freshness provided makes the “hit” even stronger, which is why it is therefore advisable to reduce the nicotine level.

The fruity e-liquid tastes quite different from the normal cigarette, perfect for people wishing to completely change their habits.

There is also the gourmet e-liquid which goes to flavours such as candy, vanilla, soda or even coffee. Perfect for double pleasure.

Make your e-liquid at home

To save money, compose your e-liquid or even personalize it; you can make your e-liquid at home. To do this, we need the following:

A neutral base;

A nicotine booster;

Concentrated aromas;

Equipment: blank vials, syringes, glasses and gloves.

The base (PG and GV) can be 50% PG and 50% GV, this is the perfect balance between a good vapour and a well-felt aroma. But you can also opt for a base at 70/30 or even 100/0 if you only want steam (GV only) or a very strong hit and a very pronounced aroma (PG only).

The nicotine booster is a neutral base mixed with a high dose of nicotine. The booster can be used or not to prepare your e-liquid, it will depend on the preferences of the smoker.

The aromas are also optional and depend on the desires of the smoker.

For the equipment, it is essential to ensure that everything goes well.

How To Recharge An Electronic Cigarette?

Novice vapers often forget to recharge their electronic cigarette. Recharging, capacity and autonomy of the battery require time to adapt. The more you use the electronic cigarette, the more you will be able to define your vaping frequency, as well as the battery life. Once you get used to the electronic cigarette, you will arrange your own program in relation to recharging the battery.

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Direct or indirect vaping: What is it? How to choose ?

When you arrive in front of a shop or on an electronic cigarette website, you look at the equipment in the window and say to yourself: “But why so many different models?! I just want to quit smoking!”

So today I’m going to try to help you make this choice or at least point you in the right direction, let’s start at the beginning and see together what is the difference between direct and indirect draw…

What is my vaping style?

There are two ways to vape: direct or indirect draw. This divides the choice of models that will be offered to you into two.

The indirect draw is mostly suitable for beginner vapers, or confirmed vapers, who want to find their traditional cigarette. That is to say that we will aspire in the same way as a traditional cigarette: in two stages. You will first inhale the vapour into your mouth and then swallow it into your lungs. This is called indirect (or MTL in English for Mouth To Lungs).

The straight draw, as the name suggests, is a “one-shot” draw (like on a straw) without passing through the mouth.

It is rare for beginners to risk themselves with this type of product. Unless of course if you’ve already tried it on someone else’s or if you’re a shisha lover…

If you are looking for a large volume of vapour and want to enjoy the unlimited flavours offered by the world of electronic cigarettes, this is the kind of model you need because it is designed for!

Practising indirect draw on devices not designed for this purpose could cause leaks, burn out your resistance much more quickly than expected or quite simply produce steam that is much too hot.

How to recognize the draw on a tank?

On a tank with the indirect draft,  the part where you put the mouth called Drip-tip is similar to the diameter of the filter of your cigarette and the air inlet also called Airflow has small holes to be able to reduce or increase the resistance to the suction. The tank in the photo above is an indirect draw tank.

On a direct draft device, the airflow will not be restricted by small holes. It will be completely open to allow homogeneous air circulation and also come to cool the resistance, because yes it heats up… The powers necessary for the use of this kind of tank are different. The Drip Tip will be much wider to allow the steam to escape easily. The tank in the photo opposite has a direct draw.

Warning: Avoid reducing the diameter of the drip tip because if the vapour escapes badly it will cause leaks and/or a risk that the liquid will go back into your mouth.

In conclusion: If you are looking for a large volume of vapour or you are a confirmed vaper, you can go for a direct draw. However, if you are looking for the same draw as a cigarette, with a volume of vapour equivalent to that of a traditional cigarette, then we advise you to choose an indirect draw instead.

Thank you for reading this article! I hope it has helped you! 


Two main families of mods exist on the electronic cigarette market: Mechanical mods, devoid of any electronic chip and electronic mods equipped with chipsets! This printed circuit, responsible for sending the power to heat the resistance, offers a host of securities to the vaper. But it also makes it possible to warn the latter when a malfunction is detected by the battery of the electronic cigarette.

Many vapers have encountered certain messages and in particular the “Atomizer short” vape alert on their electronic box mod . There are also many pages on this subject and a whole bunch of opinions on vape forums that deal with this problem. This message displayed by your box appears when a problem occurs with the tank of your electronic cigarette. The causes of the appearance of this message on your battery are sometimes unclear… Don’t worry, your we will give you our opinion and the procedure to follow.

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The vape is the most popular and certainly the most effective substitute for quitting smoking. This undeniable success is undoubted because vaping knows how to evolve and follow trends and technological developments. The many manufacturers are fighting hard to stand out and many are betting on the multiplication of modes to get out of the game. Sometimes excessive, not always useful, some modes have nevertheless become real standards that can be found on the majority of boxes but also tubular mods. What can these various parameters be used for?

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The electronic cigarette is an e-liquid vaporizer, that is to say, it heats an e-liquid composed of glycerine, aromas, and, if you wish, pure nicotine until it evaporates. Unlike the traditional cigarette, there is no combustion with the electronic cigarette. By opting for the electronic cigarette, you can therefore say goodbye to tar and the countless harmful substances produced by cigarette smoke! Electronic cigarette vapour has less of an impact on your health than tobacco because there are fewer dangerous substances and, above all, the vapour produced is much cooler than the combustion of a traditional cigarette.

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The different aromas used when designing your e-liquid can first be more or less coloured. Thus, a fruit aroma will very often be lighter than a classic brown or caramel aroma. This is also the case for certain additives used such as vanillin, furaneol or ethyl vanillin. The latter brings, for example, an additional touch of “vanilla” to your liquid and enhances the taste of certain aromas. It can give a dark yellow or even brown colour to your e-liquid.

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The battery is the rechargeable battery that powers mods that do not have a built-in battery. This type of box operating with batteries is now the majority on the vape market. By allowing you to change your batteries according to your desires, they guarantee you continuous autonomy. As with all rechargeable batteries, batteries require a  dedicated battery charger that you can find in our selection of accessories. Nitecore and  Xtar battery chargers offer the best battery chargers on the market.

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The Tank system: how does it work?

Electronic cigarette Ego-T… 510-T… This “T” stands for “Tank”. The electronic cigarette models with the letter “T” are models with tank systems or Tank systems. The particularity of these models is the fact that they are both simple and comfortable to use.

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